Nokia 106 2018 Black Unlocked


  • Manufacturer: Nokia
  • Model Name: 106 (2018)
  • Main Colour: Black
  • Storage: 256MB
  • CPU: Basic Processor
  • RAM:  4MB
  • Screen Size (Inches): 1.8″
  • Network: Unlocked
  • Model Number: 106

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Elegantly Crafted: The Nokia 106 2018 epitomises a harmonious fusion of simplicity and reliability. Thoughtfully designed to seamlessly fit into your everyday life, this mobile device stands as a testament to Nokia’s commitment to enduring quality and practical functionality.

Streamlined and Lightweight: Whether you’re on the move, relaxing at home, or handling your daily tasks, the Nokia 106’s streamlined and lightweight build ensures effortless mobility. Slip it into your pocket or comfortably hold it in your hand – this compact companion grants you the convenience of digital connectivity wherever you go.

Clear Display: Immerse yourself in the world of the Nokia 106’s straightforward display. With its modest screen size, essential information, messages, and calls are presented with clarity. Experience the simplicity of accessing your core functions with ease, all designed to keep you connected efficiently.

Reliable Performance: Underneath its unassuming surface, the Nokia 106 2018 houses a capable processor tailored to manage your fundamental tasks efficiently. Make calls, send texts, and maintain your communication endeavours with reliable responsiveness. This mobile device ensures a consistent experience, supporting your day-to-day interactions.

User-Friendly Interface: Dive into Nokia’s familiar interface with the Nokia 106 2018, offering you a straightforward and intuitive user experience. Access your contacts, messages, and calls without complications, underscoring the phone’s dedication to essential functionality.

Sufficient Storage: With ample internal storage, the Nokia 106 2018 accommodates your essential contacts, messages, and call logs. Your important connections are always within reach, ensuring you stay connected effortlessly.

Effortless Connectivity: Stay reliably connected through the Nokia 106 2018’s capabilities. Make calls, send messages, and stay in touch with your network without fuss – the phone simplifies your communication experience.

Long-Lasting Battery Life: Engineered to align with your dynamic lifestyle, the Nokia 106 2018 Black Unlocked provides impressive battery life. Engage in conversations, stay connected, and manage your essential tasks without worrying about running out of power.

Capture Moments: Embrace the simplicity of the Nokia 106’s built-in camera. From quick snapshots to capturing life’s candid moments, the camera ensures your memories are preserved with clarity and ease.

Basic Security: The Nokia 106 2018 prioritises your privacy with basic security features. Your device remains accessible to you, ensuring your interactions are kept personal and straightforward.

Time-Honoured Reliability: The Nokia 106 2018 features a sleek black exterior that exudes simplicity. Beyond being a mere mobile device, it stands as a symbol of Nokia’s dedication to dependable design. It mirrors your sense of practicality and reliability, embodying the fusion of technology and functionality.


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