Apple iPad 2 Black 16GB WIFI


  • Manufacturer: Apple
  • Model Name: iPad 2
  • Main Colour: Black
  • Storage: 16GB
  • CPU: Apple A5
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Screen Size (Inches): 9.7″
  • Network: WIFI Only
  • Model Number: A1395

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Sleek and Reliable: The Apple iPad 2 Black 16GB WiFi is a timeless companion that seamlessly blends style and functionality. Designed with sophistication in mind, this iPad effortlessly complements your modern lifestyle and ensures you stay connected on the go.

Slim and Portable: Whether you’re embarking on a journey, relaxing at home, or manoeuvring through your day-to-day tasks, the iPad 2’s sleek and slim design guarantees easy portability. Slip it into your bag or hold it comfortably in one hand – the iPad 2 is your ticket to digital freedom wherever you are.

Crisp Display: Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of the iPad 2’s display. With its vivid 9.7-inch screen, you’ll relish every image, video, and text in striking clarity. Prepare to be captivated by your favourite movies, games, and online content like never before.

Efficient Performance: Under the hood, the iPad 2 boasts a powerful processor that effortlessly handles your multitasking needs. Run apps, browse the web, and engage in productivity tasks with impressive responsiveness. This tablet ensures your workflow remains smooth and uninterrupted.

iOS Excellence: Step into the renowned iOS ecosystem with the iPad 2, opening the doors to a plethora of apps curated to elevate your productivity, creativity, and entertainment. Whether you’re an artist, a professional, or an enthusiast, you’ll find tailored applications that resonate with your aspirations.

Ample Storage: With 16GB of internal storage, the iPad 2 provides ample space for your essential files, cherished photos, and must-have apps. Carry your world with you, ensuring that your favourite content is always at your fingertips.

Wireless Connectivity: Stay effortlessly connected with the iPad 2’s WiFi capabilities. Browse the internet, stream media, connect with friends, and keep up with your online presence seamlessly – the possibilities are endless.

Enduring Battery Life: Engineered to keep up with your dynamic lifestyle, the iPad 2 offers impressive battery life. Delve into your tasks, indulge in entertainment, and explore the app universe for extended periods without worrying about running out of power.

Capture Memories: Unleash your inner photographer with the iPad 2’s capable cameras. Whether it’s a spontaneous snapshot or a video call with a loved one, the front and rear cameras ensure your moments are captured with clarity and detail.

Enhanced Security: Your privacy is paramount, and the iPad 2 understands that. Equipped with advanced security features, including Touch ID, your device remains locked to anyone but you – your fingerprint is your key to effortless and secure access.

Timeless Elegance: The iPad 2 dons a sleek black exterior that radiates sophistication. It’s not just a tablet; it’s a statement piece that showcases Apple’s commitment to aesthetics and craftsmanship, reflecting your sense of style and taste.


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